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Here Are The Kinds Of Electronic Cigarettes And Electronic liquid Flavors

Are you planning to switch from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes? There are different types of electronic cigarettes and e-liquid flavors. For first timers, it would be difficult for them to choose the best type of electronic cigarette. It is best if you know more about the different types of electronic cigarette.

Here are the types of electronic cigarettes:

1. Mini electronic cigarettes

The mini electronic cigarette is similar to a tobacco cigarette that is why it is also called the cig-a-like. This kind of electronic is mostly used by first time users, since it is also featured in starter kits. The cig-a-like is small and not that heavy. There are rechargeable and disposable cig-a-like. If you do not want to draw too much attention, then you need to use the mini electronic cigarette. The cig-a-like is more discreet than other types of electronic cigarettes. The mini electronic cigarette is easy to carry, however, it does not have a long battery life. You will need to bring extra batteries or the charger. You will not be fully satisfied with the mini electronic cigarette if you are a heavy smoker.

2. The mid-sized electronic cigarette.

This kind of electronic cigarette is also called the ego vaporizer. The ego vaporizer actually produces more vapor. It has a longer battery life than the mini electronic cigarette. This kind of electronic cigarette is used by heavy smokers. This electronic cigarette is medium sized. The ego vaporizer is easy to use, but you will need to refill the tank with electronic juice. This actually has two parts, it has a top and bottom part. The top part of the electronic cigarette has the tank and the bottom part is where you put the battery. The tank of this kind of electronic cigarette has an atomizer or coil, and this can be changed when it burns out. Choose an ego vaporizer that has a changeable coil.

3. Electronic cigarette MODS

The MOD electronic cigarette is the most advance of all. Most heavy smokers use this kind of electronic cigarette. The MOD electronic cigarette has controls, in order for the smoker to control its voltage and even its strength. There are box type MODS.

There are different types of electronic liquid flavors, such as tobacco, popcorn, strawberry, raspberry, chocolate, vanilla, menthol and many more. You really have so many options especially when it comes to choosing flavors. You can actually choose the nicotine level of the electronic liquid.

You need to take into consideration all of these facts before purchasing an electronic cigarette. The electronic cigarette that you use must provide full satisfaction.