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What to Do about those Saggy Breasts. The Answer May Surprise You!

What to Do about those Saggy Breasts.  The Answer May Surprise You!As women age, it is normal for their breasts to start sagging.  There are many reasons that this happens.  After breastfeeding, milk ducts weaken so breasts will sag. Hormonal changes can alter the composition of breast tissue so breasts look deflated.  Most of all, gravity will take its toll on breasts. The weight of your breasts will cause tissues to go downwards until you get unattractive, saggy breasts.


Most women think that wearing a bra can help prevent saggy breasts.  In reality, studies show that wearing a bra can actually make your breasts sag more!  If you want to keep your breasts perky, you must live a healthy lifestyle.  And, if your breasts are already sagging, then a topical treatment like Triactol can help.


Why Bras Make Sagging Worse

Your breasts primarily consist of fatty tissues, milk ducts, and milk glands.  These sit on top of the pectoral muscles and are held in place by skin.  There are no muscles in the breasts so you cannot exercise your breasts to keep them firm or perky.  However, there is a small amount of connective tissue within the breast known as Cooper’s ligaments.


Cooper’s ligaments are very important for keeping the breasts from sagging.  Studies show that women who wear bras have weaker Cooper’s ligaments because the ligaments are not getting exercised by the normal weight of the breast.  Then, when the bra-wearing women become pregnant and experience lactation, their ligaments are unable to handle the excess weight in the breasts.


Bras are only recommended during pregnancy and lactation because then the bra will prevent the Cooper’s ligaments from getting stretched out or damaged.

What to Do about those Saggy Breasts.  The Answer May Surprise You!

Keeping Your Cooper’s Ligaments Healthy

Unfortunately, you cannot exercise your breast tissue like you can exercise many other parts of your body.  There are some breast exercises which can make your breasts appear perkier.  But these breast exercises only work by bulking up your pectoral muscles to create an illusion of perkier breasts.


In order to keep your breasts from sagging, you should maintain as healthy as a lifestyle as possible.  A healthy diet will make sure your Cooper’s ligaments receive adequate nutrition to stay strong and also keep your breast tissue from deflating.  Exercise improves blood flow to the breasts so tissues stay healthier and won’t say as soon.


If your breasts have already started to sag, then you can benefit from certain supplements.  Right now, the only solution for saggy breasts which has shown effective is pueraria mirifica, a plant extract.  It is available under its trademarked name in the breast enhancing serum Triactol.  Even though Triactol is formulated for increasing breast size naturally, the serum is very effective in perking up saggy breasts.  When you apply Triactol, the natural ingredient in the serum gets absorbed into your breast tissues, directly strengthening your Cooper’s ligaments.  Since Triactol also causes your fatty tissues to expand, you get fuller, firmer and more youthful looking breasts.