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Why Smoking Isn’t Cool Anymore It is clear that traditional smoking is no longer as cool as it used to be in the past. There are a number of demerits in the traditional cigarette that gives the electronic cigarettes an upper hand.Individuals around smokers as well as the smokers themselves who have had an experience with both an electronic cigarette and a traditional cigarette can easily not the difference between the two and is most probably to give the electronic cigarettes an upper hand.Individuals prefer to use electronic cigarettes for quite a number of reasons. . Bad odor found in the electronic cigarettes is one reason as to why a good number of people already into swimming have switched to electronic cigarettes. The traditional smoking of cigarette makes a persistent odor even one brushes his or her mouth hence remain being a nuisance to the person in question as well as individuals around him or her. It is also unfortunate that individuals who have smoked the traditional cigarettes have had to nurse the smell of a cigarette in their hair, clothing, their cars or even in the walls of the houses where they live. Electronic cigarette on the other hand smell better than the traditional cigarette due to the fact that instead of burning tar, one inhales vapor which when one lets out disperses into the air almost immediately. Individuals who hate bad odors in their living spaces, their cars as well as on their clothing have had to switch from the traditional cigarette smoking to the electronic cigarette usage.
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Price has also been one of the major determinants of the switching of individuals from the traditional cigarette to the electronic cigarette. One may be surprised to hear that the traditional cigarette are far much expensive in the long run when compared to the electronic cigarettes. Taxes on the traditional cigarette makes them be very expensive and when one adds other costs such as that of the ash tray and lighters, the cigarettes in question end up being even more expensive. Although individuals have complained the higher initial cost of purchasing a vaporizer, individuals who have purchased it have ended up accepting that an electronic cigarette is definitely less expensive when compared to the traditional cigarettes. After purchasing the vaporizer, the cost of electronic cigarettes halves and a good amount goes to batteries though it may depend on how much one vapes.
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The fact that the electronic cigarettes are not taxed has contributed to making them far much cheaper than the traditional cigarette. In addition to taxes, they may even become less expensive the moment the industry has been mainstreamed just like mobile phones have become with time. A good number of fires have been caused by a cigarette across the world where the left over was inappropriately disposed and consequently caused a fire.