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Benefits of On Demand Storage for Small Business Owners

Using up all their data storage is a risk that many businesses confront everyday. One wrong appraisal, and the steady performance of their daily operations can be severely hindered. However, simply buying up more storage capacity than is actually needed can waste important capital and will produce a lot of nonessential depreciation costs. Owing to of the length and nature of most conventional procurement cycles, it can be difficult to quickly add more storage capacity when it is necessary at a standard monthly rate.

Storage on demand is an unprecedented solution for the scenario above. This concerns a system that includes an additional storage, or an expansion reserve, that you can quickly make use of if you ever demand it. This implies that you will never overpay or use up all of your storage capacity. If you are a small business owner, here are some of the ways that on demand storage can benefit your business.


Scale your storage capacity with speed and efficiency, and pay for capacity only when you use it. Through substituting operating expense for capital expenditure, you can free up capital for other IT investments, while still meeting your near-term storage capacity requirements. With on demand storage, storage is preinstalled and accessible for immediate use, to satisfy both planned and unplanned capacity needs.

You can expand the base amount of storage needed on day one with additional buffer capacity to deal with usage spikes and future growth. Depending on your needs, the storage capacity can be changed dynamically in real time to satisfy the changing needs of your business as soon as your requirements change.

Better Cost Management

Because there are no up-front charges for this type of solution, your payments can be tailored to meet your requirements. You only have to pay for the storage expansion when your business needs demand it. You can also increase your baseline and related subscription only when necessary at a standard, agreed upon price per unit each month. You do not have to purchase additional capacity that you may not use and tie up your capital.

Refine Operations and Procurement Processes

Through on demand storage, you will have immediate access to storage, getting rid of the need to plan for additional capacity months in advance. There is no need to go through long PO or procurement justification processes or worries that there is no free budget. With just one PO, you can be ready now and expand over time, reassured knowing that you will not exhaust your storage which will hinder your operations or purchase systems that will be underutilized.