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Tips on Selecting the Right Beard Oil When choosing a beard oil most men want an oil that smells more than just nice. Most men want an oil with unique features that will be helpful for the beard during the various stages of growth and has significant things like vitamins which help to repair hair or repair the skin. It is an important to highlight that some oils are suitable for beards that are at the stubble stage while some are good for beards that are fully-grown. It is vital to note that during the stubble stage of the beard, the beard is just a few days old after the barber cut and the user is better off selecting a light oil that has vitamins that have healing properties. Most people avoid growing a beard due to the discomfort that comes with it but using the right oil can make the process of growing beards an interesting and fun experience. It is an amazing fact to note that some oils are great for the skin and are the best for itchy and dry skin because they contain vitamins, fatty acids and proteins that will help the user deal with this issue and even repair any damaged hair by seeping into the skin and promoting a healthy beard growth process. The second stage of beard growth is the medium stage that comes in between the stubble stage and the full growth stage and at this stage, any oil is good enough so long as it smells nice for the man intending to use it.
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The next stage is the full stage of beard growth, which gives the beard a sense of being alive and is prominently visible on the face. At this developmental stage, a man needs a heavy oil to weigh down the hair strands down, keep them in line and help them adopt an attractive shape. It is a known fact that the heavy oils prevent the beard from having a scruffy and unkempt look.
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The final stage of beard development is the when the beard grows to be more than three inches and at this point, the man needs to continue using heavier oils and in larger amounts due to the density of the beard. The truth is that the oil requirements of a beard increase as the beard grows and thus a man needs to adjust accordingly. It is a fact worth noting that apart from choosing a beard oil that has a great density, there are other factors to look into such as heavy oil feels, remaining of residues after application and level of moisture that the oils offer. It is important to state that a good beard oil keeps the beard moisturized, maintained, healthy and controlled so that it is nurtured through all the stages of growth.