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How AA Chips and Coins Work Addictions are usually classified among the most dangerous vices in the modern world. The danger is usually linked to the effects associated with addiction which cause serious problems most of the time. The most abused substances in the world are alcohol and drugs. Getting addicted is quite easy but research has it that quitting the addiction is very difficult. To help addicts in their bid to quit addictive practices, special groups have been set up. One of such methods is the use of sobriety coins. One of the main intervention is the establishment of special groups called Alcoholic Anonymous groups or simply AA groups. These are simply groups of alcoholics who have an intention of stopping the vice. The group uses a special AA coin given to members who are at different stages of the process. The AA coin is just a symbol of the effort and duration covered by the person disengaging from alcoholism. The coin therefore acts as a medallion of success to successful addicts who have undergone rehabilitation. AA coins are made of diverse materials which does not make a difference since the symbolism of the coin is the one of importance. A distinction between coins is usually in the colors that they come in. Most of the coins or medallions are usually embedded with special chips of different colors to create the distinction. The most popular colors used in AA chips are: green, yellow, and white. Each color represents the stage of rehabilitation of the addict hence allowing the holder to know how far they have come.
Getting Down To Basics with Treatments
It is possible to use other objects different from AA coins to serve the same purpose. This is why the term AA tokens is used to encompass such objects that achieve the same purpose. One can recover in few days, weeks, months or even years. Thus one who holds a white AA coin is usually in the first days of recovery. There is also a 60 day AA coin given to those who have successfully abstained from alcohol for two months. One year later, rehabilitating addicts usually get the blue chip which symbolizes one who is almost through with the program.
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There are many AA token shops that equip AA coins and chips. The token shop is usually stocked with tokens of different types including special AA coins and medallions. The number of such shops is also on the increase as more efforts are put in place to fight alcoholism. Other shops have made AA tokens available online. This means that any group wishing to make purchase orders can simply go to the site availed by the AA token shop. It has been established that the success rate of AA coins in rehabilitation of alcoholics is pegged at over eighty percent.