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Features of a Great Convertible Car Seat

Our children have to be kept safety when we travel in our cars, and this is where car seats serve their purpose. Children who are around 8 years or 80 pounds in weight are best to be sitting in some type of car seat when inside your car. There are several safety seats available in the market that are made for babies especially, but nowadays, there are now convertible car seats that can be used for both babies and toddlers.

Convertible seat is introduced mainly so that you do not need to buy like three different sizes of child seats as your child grows. Through several consumer reviews, sources of information can be taken like the kind of car seats, their safety ratings and other information. Parents also can ask recommendations from other parents, family and friends, given that the safety of their children is of utmost importance when choosing a child seat.

You may be aware of the different car seats distributed in the market, and you will notice various brands, with different features for consideration before you decide to buy which one.

There is a considered perfect convertible car seat that stands out above the other car seats. The excellent features and its safety ratings made this brand well-known and have great reviews from parents. It is the Graco MyRide 65 convertible that is being referred to here.

The seat of this brand is made for children from 5-65 lbs. The features of this model have an EPS energy absorbing foam and a removable and washable fabric to easily clean up the mess of your child. Aside from the unit’s latch and removable head rest, this design has a 5-point harness with a front adjustment, with two cup holders for the drinks and snacks of your child.

This brand was engineered to pass the crash test and even exceeds US safety standards that we all want in a safe seat. With this kind of rating, this car seat can never go wrong, and this is what parents are going after for the safety of their children.

It takes time for new parents to find a perfect car seat for their new babies. With plenty of gifts coming during your first baby shower, there is one important item that we look forward to and this is the baby seat.

Our country has a law to secure babies when riding in vehicles, and for this we would want the best baby seat for the safety of our toddlers. Graco convertible car seat has the features that are rated the best among parents.

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