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Things You Need Know Before Buying a Pram, a Pushchair or a Car Seat One of the best things that can happen to a family is having a baby. There are a lot of things needed to be bought and decisions to make in order to prepare for the arrival of the baby. Whether to buy a pram or a pushchair for the baby is one of those decisions needed to be made. A need to understand the difference between a pram and a pushchair is important before you actually buy one. A pram is another name for a baby carriage intended for an infant or a newborn which comes from the word perambulator. During the old days, baby prams had high wheels and were generally black in colour. A baby pram is made as a portable bed for the baby and has a cover to protect the baby from the wind and heat of the sun. It is design so that the baby is usually facing the pusher all the time. But to carry children having an age of three years old and up, you will need to have a pushchair. Pushchairs are commonly known as buggies o strollers. It is designed to carry a child facing forward and in a sitting position. As you can see, it is now very easy to distinguish that a baby pram is design for newborns while a baby pushchair is designed for older children. Regardless of whether you will buy a baby pram or a baby pushchair, you will be spending some money before you can acquire them. There are also some available on the market which has the benefits and capabilities of both a baby pushchair and a baby pram has. Depending on the situation, you can easily convert the same to a baby pram or a baby pushchair. If you are still not sure as on what to buy, there are other factors that might help you in deciding. Try to find one that can be very easy to use at the same time easy to operate. Another important thing is to look on the quality of the materials used. As a durable one will last longer than those with lesser quality, especially if your will be using it frequently. Another thing to consider is whether you have a car. You will need to look for one that can easily fit into your car. Or you can buy a car seat especially made for a baby that is also available in the market. Some are also capable of carrying two kids and can be very handy if you have two kids or twins.

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