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Reasons to End Daylight Saving Time

Consideration by the government to do away with the daylight saving time should be at the top of the list. Some of the expected changes like saving energy have not worked and even if they did, only a tiny part was realizes hence the need to abolish this act. The daylight saving time program is now outdated hence a need to bring it down.

The authority, department of transportation responsible for the daylight saving time program should consider some regulations before it allows it to run in any state. The requirements that the department of transportation should put into consideration include shipment of goods, places where a lot of people are concentrated and go to work, attend school and worship. The evidence that not many places fulfill these requirements should be enough for the department of transportation, the government and any other governing authority that still supports this program for them to finally abandon it.

All the bad effects of the daylight saving time program have a toll on many sectors of the economy but majorly the air transport sector. The fact that air travel is solely dependent on all the timing made, which will be altered in untold proportions really messes up the plans made by the airport. In most cases important people who would have greatly impacted the society and country at large get to miss their opportunities just because the outdated system will surely bring down their only means of travel.

When the daylight saving time program begins some people start to experience problems with their health. Some of these health issues include an increase in heart attacks, increased numbers of work injuries , child security issues and increased car accidents.

The daylight saving program has contributed to the unsafe environment that our kids now have to deal with: leaving very early and coming home late, most affected are the girls who are in more danger of being attacked since they are perceived to have weaker defenses to their attackers than their male counterparts. Its painstakingly obvious that accidents are more likely to occur in the early mornings when its dark than when its broad daylight.

Now working longer hours , workers report more injuries because they maybe more exhausted than is usually normal all because this outdated program says that’s how things will run. The fact that the program uses valuable time, funds and effort to be put in place and it doesn’t have any long term or short term effects for that matter makes it even clear that it should be scrapped off.

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