Launched Catering to Surging Belief in Astrological Science


(Las Vegas, Nevada)– As recently as two decades ago, Americans largely discounted the validity of astrology. According to a report from the National Science Foundation, the nation appears to be having a collective change of heart; in fact, an estimated 65 percent of the country now sees concrete science behind the art. As a result, the highest number of people since the early 1980’s is turning to horoscopes for guidance. In light of this development, Rachel Wong has launched (

Wong explained, “A growing number of people are delving deeper into the world of astrology. As they learn more about the intricacies involved, they’re gaining a better understanding of the science going into creating one’s horoscope. Position of the sun at the time of a person’s birth and those of the planets and houses as well as a number of other aspects come together to determine not only characteristics of each sign, but individual personalities, present dilemmas and future events. We created our website to provide both Western and Chinese predictions for 2017 as well as an array of other helpful features.”

Daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes are available through as are yearly summaries covering love, business and finances. Daily relationship-specific horoscopes are likewise offered. Those interested in Chinese astrology based on the lunar year will find an entire section of the website dedicated to this aspect.

An array of additional features are likewise included on the website. Among these are games, love compatibility comparisons, psychic ability tests, natal charts, various reports and personality profile breakdowns as well as numerous other options. A number of relevant articles are also being offered. The website’s full lineup can be viewed at

Concluded Wong, “Human nature is to fear and mistrust things we don’t understand, but people’s mindsets are changing. Rather than play on misgivings and lack of comprehension, more individuals are beginning to research and learn about the more mysterious aspects of life. With this evolution comes an unprecedented level of open-mindedness, and our website is here to foster the movement. We provide free horoscopes, readings, assessments of various life matters and many other forms of guidance to help our viewers gain insight into the year ahead and better understand which factors play into their coming joys and challenges.”


An all-in-one source for astrological information, provides 2017 Western Zodiac horoscopes as well as Chinese lunar year forecasts and a wealth of additional features.