OnDemand Storage Launched Bringing New Storage Alternative to Area Residents


(Braintree, Massachusetts)– America’s need for extra space continues to surge with the nation’s 54,000 self-storage facilities currently lingering at or near full capacity. While owners of traditional storage locations are scrambling to meet the growing need, a new alternative is making its way up through the industry’s ranks. As the awareness of on-demand storage spreads, this option is proving to be a formidable competitor for conventional self-storage solutions. With this in mind, CEO Barrett O’Neill has brought this alternative to Braintree and the surrounding areas with the launch of OnDemand Storage (

Said O’Neill, “Virtually everyone could use a little extra storage space even if it’s only a temporary need; of course, there’s a lot of work involved in the traditional option. We offer a number of benefits over the standard norm, like eliminating the need to make repeated trips to a storage unit to retrieve items and bringing an entirely new element to the rental process. By incorporating technology into our basic operations, we’ve created a more streamlined branch of the industry and enabled customers to save time, effort and money.”

Industry reports indicate the popularity of on-demand storage has risen 21 percent since hitting the market. According to information available via the OnDemand Storage website, the rental process begins online; in this case, unit reservations and pick-up requests can be made at Personnel from the nearest on-demand storage facility then pick up customers’ belongings and transport them to one of the company’s warehouse locations. Items to be stored may be tracked through customers’ personal MyUnit dashboards.

Though only company employees are allowed on site at on-demand storage facilities for security reasons, customers may request belongings to be returned to them at any time through their aforementioned accounts. Facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art weatherproofing, climate control and security systems. Pricing plans are available to accommodate residential customers with an array of unit sizes being offered. Special packages and pricing are likewise available for college students in need of short-term storage solutions. More in-depth details are available at

Concluded O’Neill, “We offer a completely new alternative to traditional self-storage, and we pride ourselves in making every effort to ensure our customers’ belongings are safe and secure while they’re in our care. On-demand storage has revolutionized the industry, and we’ll continue to expand our offerings to area customers as word of this option spreads and demand grows.”

About OnDemand Storage:

OnDemand Storage gives customers more time, space and convenience than traditional storage options. With utmost attention to service and security, the company ensures prompt pick-up and delivery as well as around-the-clock facility monitoring.

Source: http://www.newswest9.com/story/33920105/news