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An Introduction to Hair Removal Wax

It is good to visit a salon to remove some of the excess hair to enhance your beauty. However sometimes you may not have time to pay a visit to a salon due to various reasons. An urgent appointment could restrain you from visiting a salon. To save on time and money you need a quick hair removal made at home. This article is meant to help you make your wax at home and carry out hair removal on your own.

This procedure requires that you have one cup of granulated sugar and another one of honey. You also need half a cup of lemon juice and one tablespoon water.

The first step of the procedure is melting of the sugar in a heavy saucepan. Your sugar should be heat to achieve caramels through the process of melting; avoid stirring at this stage however you could swirl the pan from time to time. A sweet aroma will be produced from this process of melting.

To stir the mixture of honey and lemon juice you require a wooden spoon. The hot and foamy sugar could burn you if you don’t take extra care. Continuous stirring of the mixture could help you achieve a consistent that is equivalent to that of pancake butter. It is advisable to thin your mixture by adding water.

Letting your wax cool down slightly before use is advisable for the best results. If you plan to wax your hair later you should let the wax cool down and then you put it in a fridge.

Before embarking on the removal of your hair you should consider the length of your hair. Your hair need to be a bit tall to the maximum length of 6mm and minimum of 3mm. To remove short hair by the roots would be very hard. A long hair is not good either because it could cause you a lot of discomforts.

By cutting a piece of old clothing could help you carry out waxing. The sewing machine should help you sew the ends of frayed cutting off a piece of clothing.

By doing this, you would have less pain.

Make use of a spatula to apply your homemade wax. You should let the wax cool so that it could do a nice job of removing the hair. To avoid spoilage of the remaining wax you should keep it in a freezer or refrigerator for a couple of weeks or months.

By reading and internalizing all that procedure you could now save your time and money by making your hair removal wax right from the comfort of your home.

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