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Camping Expert Advice: Choosing the Best Outdoor Gear and Equipment for You

Many have already attested through thousand miles of canoe and hundred days of camping that having the wrong camping gear can really make a great difference, so it is important to choose the right outdoor camping gear and equipment for you. In this article, you will be able to shed light and understanding of the right outdoor camping gear and equipment that best suit your needs and budget.

Be prepared with your outdoor shelter and sleeping equipment such as a sturdy tent, sleeping bag and a camping bed or sleeping pad. Choose a camping tent that can accommodate the number of people you want to be with you in your camping, and it is always better to choose a full size fly to keep the rain off, cover the camping tent and keep the bugs out. The things you need to take into consideration when purchasing a sleeping tent are the windows, color, weight, the season and your height. Non-freestanding tents are lighter but not sturdy in a bad weather, and also it must be staked into the ground, so it important that if you use this type of tent, it should match your camping location.

Now, for you camping cooking needs, you’ll need backpacking pots and pans, backpacking stove, backpacking dishes, camping utensils, fire starters, campfire grill and small leak proof bottles. Your camping gear for the dark are camping lantern and flashlights, and flashlights come in LED lights, solar charged, hand charged and battery operated. To keep you dry, you need to bring quick dry pants, shoes such as a good hiking boots and clothing to keep you clean most especially when you’re sleeping on the ground. For a safe and clean camping experience, bring camping first aid kit, bug repellent, bug jacket and camping soap. Water safety is incredibly important, so be prepared with a water filtration system such as backpacking water filter, water tablet, water bottle and water bladder.

When choosing the best bag packs and bags come in different forms depending if you are into a day of hiking, multi-day backpacking or interior canoeing. For you to know your directions and where you’re going, it is important to have maps and navigation equipment such as compass or GPS with you. If you will be camping in the deep part of the woods, communication is very important especially for emergency situations, so be prepared to be ready for a communication equipment such as satellite phone, cell phone, camping radio or spot. For hunting AR optics must be taken into considerations depending if you are taking a five-day hunting trek and the distance of your target. Always consider your safety as your priority when going outdoors.

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