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What You Must Know When Getting Vintage Wedding Rentals? Do you have plans of getting vintage wedding rentals for your big day or any other special event you have? If so, then you should know that there are important points that should be taken into mind. Classic and vintage car rental companies stipulate a stricter set of requirements than normal car rental companies. For instance, the drivers have to be 25 years old and no older than 70 years old. In most instances, there is a minimum of 2 years driving experience but mostly, it extends to 5 years. The driver has to have clean driving license and while it is possible to overlook minor convictions, these are primarily at the discretion of rental company so there is a chance that they’ll decline your application. Of course, any convictions for dangerous driving will get an automatic rejection from the company. The rental company may even require you to show competency of handling the car and will be observing you how you drive the vehicle from gear changing to steering. They might decline renting a specific model if they think that you are not fit to drive it appropriately.
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With regards for the vintage wedding rentals, it would all lie on the condition, marquee and age of the model. Older cars come in 3 different categories which are veteran, vintage and classic or cars manufactured before 1903, from 1903 to 1933 and over 15 years accordingly. As for veteran cars, there’s a high tendency that they are primarily for showpieces in private collections or museums so do not expect too much that they can be rented.
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Depending on the age, it will be used as a determining factor of the car’s personal security and brings an impact on the insurance of car to which the renter will pass onto you. To give you an example, after 69′, cars manufactured come with ignition key in steering wheel which locks the wheels as well when it’s switched off. Thus, both vintage and classic vehicles after the said period might be cheaper to rent because they have layer of security to which earlier cars do not posses. Then again, you’ll stumble on classic and vintage wedding rentals that have full comprehensive car insurance. It might be a stipulation of the company to accept them. Your cover has to include damage to any other vehicle involved and all passengers and drivers, theft and fire that the car might be subjected to and damage to the rented vehicle. See to it that you’ve thoroughly read the policy to ensure that it covers all these things.