Finding Parallels Between Gear and Life

Lightweight Survival Gear For Hiking When you are hiking either by yourself or with others, you know how important it is to be prepared for an emergency. Every year better survival gear comes out for the hiker to use. You are going to want lightweight gear if you plan on hiking for a long time. In an emergency setting the weight of your pack could make a huge difference in survival. Carrying your sleeping bag, your shelter material, and your backpack will be the most cumbersome and heavy. First you will need to purchase a lightweight tent which can hold one to three people easily. After you shelter is secured, you will need to get a lightweight sleeping bag of some sort. Your sleeping bag will need a good temperature rating as it gets colder at night. In the warmer months an ultralight sleeping bag will be very light and easy to pack. In an emergency you may need to lightest sleeping apparatus possible which would be a sleep sack that literally weights just ounces. You need to find a light backpack that will be able to hold all of your survival gear and also fit on your shoulders properly. A first aid kit, clothing, food, and a stove will be the lighter items you backpack will carry. A lightweight stove, coming in under a pound, will be useful to boil the water you find. You will use the stove if you have dehydrated emergency food as well. You can eat out of your emergency food packet, or you can pack a mess kit with a pot, bowl, cup, and cutlery. There are many mess kits that do not weight much due to the use of lightweight metals. You need to pack your emergency food along with your mess kit. The easiest and most lightweight emergency food to carry are food packages that are either freeze dried or dehydrated. Pack your backpack with clothing that is lightweight and synthetic instead of water absorbing natural fibers like cotton. A first aid kit should be packed with your other clothing and food necessities. Topical medicines and bandages should be in your first aid kit.
A Simple Plan For Researching Survival
To reduce your carrying weight even more, you can purchase useful items that fit on your key chain or belt. A few small but powerful items are a multi-purpose tool that fits on a key chain or a flashlight that is no larger than a finger. When purchasing tools try to find the lightest and smallest items that you need. While experiencing an emergency situation you may need to run or walk for a very long time. Knowing you have a lightweight and useful pack will help you survive such an emergency.Short Course on Tips – What You Should Know