3 Tips for Transforming Maxi Dresses

Within one closet, a woman may have a wide variety of dresses to choose from. Some may be more of a formal selection while others are best suited for informal events. Maxi Dresses are able to blur the lines of appropriate dress as they can be completely transform based on the accessories that are added to the overall look. There are three simple ways to change the appearance of an outfit that uses a maxi dress as the central focus.


Most of the time this sort of dress is worn with sandals. It gives it an airy look and makes it perfect for wearing when the weather is nice. However, this doesn’t mean that the dress needs to be packed away with the summer clothes. Instead, flats with closed toes or even cute boots can be added to increase the versatility of the look. For more formal occasions, a heeled sandal can also be worn.


When opting for a casual look, jewelry that brings in some additional color is ideal. From chunky necklaces to large earrings, just about anything goes with a maxi dress. However, if the goal is to create more of a dressy look, something as simple as pearls can give the outfit a more refined appearance. When in doubt, try on different pieces to see which will help achieve the desired aesthetic.

For the Shoulders

Scarves, jackets, and even cardigans can be combined with this dress style in order to change the look. To keep up with the casual appeal, a light scarf can be wrapped around the neck or even used as a wrap. The same dress can look casual in the winter with a denim jacket or wool cardigan. But, when the time comes to up the ante and get a more formal look, a blazer or even a dressier shawl can be added to change up the outfit.

A maxi dress isn’t just for sandals and summer. Instead, it can be one of the most versatile pieces in the closet. It just takes a little bit of creativity and some extra preparation time to figure out which accessories are right for the occasion.